Department Of First Year Engineering

List Of Research Paper Publication

Sr. No. Faculty Name Author Paper Title Name of Journal/ Conference Type of Journal/Conference State/National /International Issue / Volume / ISBN no. Year
1 Mrs.Amita Mane P.K.Gore, Amita Mane Electrical hazards and Safety JOURNAL International 1314-3395 (on-line version) 2018-19
2 Prof.D.O.shrivastava Ms. Priynka sharma ms. Deepshikha shrivastava ms. Suvarna more priyanka tripathi 4, sangeeta jain Application of soft computing in electrical Engineering International journal of engineering research & technology International ISSN: 2278-0181 2016-17
3 Mrs.Amita Mane Amita. A Mane, Amol A Kalage Load compensation by using a DSTATCOM for a non-stiff source CONFERENCE International 978-1-4799-8164-9 2015-16
4 Mrs.Amita Mane Amita. A Mane, Amol A Kalage Load Compensation by using a DSTATCOM for a Non-stiff Source with Reduced DC link Voltage CONFERENCE International -- 2015-16
5 Prof.D.O.shrivastava Priyanka tiwary deepshikha shrivasatava Dc-link voltage compensation of zsi fed im for Electric vehicles Transactions on engineering and sciences National ISSN: 2347-1964 (ONLINE) 2347-1875 (PRINT) 2015-16
6 Prof.D.O.shrivastava Deepshikha shrivastava, sadhana vijay jadav Sensor less direct torque control for induction Motor Conference International ISBN-978-93-82-702-11-5 2012-13
7 Prof.S.S.borgaonkar S. S. Borgaonkar1, d. K. Ojha1, t. Nagayama2, m. Tamura3, s. K. Ghosh1 and m. R. Samal4 Isolated infrared nebula (iras 16148-5011) and Evidence of triggered star formation Asi conference series, 2010, vol. 1, pp 217-219 National Poster paper 2010
8 Prof.Tushar Aikwad T. M. Sankaranarayanan R. H. Ingle T. B. Gaikwad S. K. Lokhande T. Raja R. N. Devi V. Ramaswamy P. Manikandan Selective Oxidation Of Ethane Over Mo–V–Al–O Oxide Catalysts: Insight To The Factors Affecting The Selectivity Of Ethylene And Acetic Acid And Structure-Activity Correlation Studies Springer Science+Business Media, Llc 2007 International Catal Lett (2008) 121:39–51 Doi 10.1007/S10562-007-9289-0 2006-2007