Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Start-up and Product Development Of Mechanical Department

Sr. No. Name of Faculty Coordinator Title Tentative Cost/Budget Status
1 Prof. H. U. Tiwari Cello Tape Cutter Attachment --- Completed
2 Prof. Priyanka Chavan Electric Bike - Pulsar --- Completed
3 Prof. Sneha V. Pawade Grass cutter with pesticide sprayer --- Completed
4 Prof. R. K. Bawane Indian Road Chopper Bike Rs. 1,15,000/- Under Development (Expected Completion in 2021)

Start-up and Product Development Of Mechanical Department

Laser Chiller:

  1. It chills the water to a required temperature with the help of VCC cycle
  2. this chilled water is used to cool the laser tube in laser cutting machine or any machine operated on laser technology
  3. It has specially designed tube-in-tube structure for more efficient working
  4. Emerson reciprocating compressor give long life and smooth working with 1 year warrenty.
  5. Long lasting powder coated body.
  6. Sub-Zero controller protects compressor and controllers the temperature of water for smooth working
Temperature Data Logger:

  1. It is a portable measurement instrument that is capable of autonomously recording temperature over a defined period of time
  2. Works on digital temperature sensors gives more accuracy and compactness
  3. 18 hrs of battery backup with 2500mAH battery
  4. 16 x 2 display gives current readings and also an error codes if any
  5. light indicator is used
  6. comes with 4GB memory card to store data
  7. micro USB charger port
  8. full charge and low battery indicator
Controller for water recycling Unit:

  1. Specially designed for a patented system of water recycling (Patent No. 201921044986)
  2. single controlled controls water level of two tanks
  3. Transformer and relay with optocoupler are used for more safety and isolation from heavy currents
  4. works on 230V AC single phase supply.